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Introduction - Tim Gratton


Thanks for visiting the body festival – together with my wife Suzanne Gratton we are happy to get a visit from you who know us and new friends of body art. This is the first year for body festival to take place in the Southern Hemisphere and it will take place over two days. Check out our program, business partners, competition guidelines, artist bios (coming soon), and current news to get the scoop


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Contemporary artists will demonstrate and compete in competitions. World recognised leader of this art form Tim Gratton is presenting an exhibition of his latest work including sculptures. Theme has been set in this first year for 'body festival' that included the BODY PAINTING COMPETITION challenge. This competition was previously held in Sydney. Artists will compete for large cash prizes and trophies.

Theme:  Folklore Myths & Legends of Australia OR Tribal


Our goal and our passion has been to work hard, entertain our fans, and just plain have fun. We are excited to be producing this festival in Australia and hope to see you during the weekend – take a look at our calendar, or just drop us a line.


I was a competitor at the Australasian Body Painting Competition 2010, held in Double Bay.
It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of such a magnificent and highly successful and organized event. Tim and Suzanne Gratton coordinated a spectacular event from start to finish with such attention to detail. It was very obvious from the crowd participation and turn out, that it was promoted and managed very efficiently.
The Body Painting Competition was only one part of a virtual creative and visual smorgasbord on offer, for people of all ages to feast upon.
I found the competition excellent from a time perspective, as well as being different and challenging compared to other national competitions. The prize money attracted me (as well as many others) from interstate, and I would certainly compete in another one of Tim and/or Leanne’s Competitions and/or events. Tim was on hand at all times to manage and offer friendly and helpful advice to all competitors, photographers and assistants. I was particularly grateful for the secluded and spacious area we were given to work in, very close to the judging area. Tim gave a lot of thought in providing accessible refreshment and restroom facilities close by. Tim produced a wonderfully diverse and culturally knowledgeable array of judges for the event. The experience was great! Looking forward to the next one!
I recently attended one of Tim Gratton’s face and body painting workshops in Sydney. I travelled from Qld to attend, as I have been a fan of Tim’s artwork and experience in the industry for several few years. I found the workshop to be one of the best value and most impressive workshops I have done to date. I have attended and trained with many international artists, including training with the world body painting champions 2010. And yet I feel Tim’s knowledge and expertise was far superior. It is very clear Tim is a master artist, with knowledge on product, marketing, pricing, application, model info, corporate structuring, payment and etiquette that comes from years of successful experience. Thanks to Tim’s outstanding super fast application techniques and publicity advice, I have recently secured a number of new high profile corporate clients. One such client is Stefan Ackerie, for the prestigious Australian Stefan Hair Awards, where I have been asked to body paint a number of models in a short period of time for a showcase extravaganza, media and fashion celebrity launch. It is because of Tim’s unsurpassed knowledge within the industry that I have been able to further develop by face and body painting company to a whole new level. Thank you Tim!
Milana - Tornatore (aka Purplena®) - The Face Painting Company

Venue: Dundullimal Homestead, 23L Obley Road, Dubbo, NSW | 61 (0)422615945

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